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Every time I log in to my Facebook all I see are newsfeeds of people complaining about the haze. Yes, the haze is getting quite problematic with more and more people falling sick. Mosquitoes are choking to death from suffocation and all. I guess what we can do now is try to take care of ourselves and those around us while the officials in charge try to work on the problem and hopefully come out with a solution soon. Drink more plain water, eat more fruits, lots of vitamin C, rest well, and if possible try not to stay outdoor for too long or wear a mask when going out (not sure how much that will help though).

We do have the Novita NAS6000 air sterilizer here in the office, and also the Sharp IGDC2E Ion Generator in the car. Maybe some people might say if you breathe in so much clean air then the minute you step out into the open with all the haze, it’s much easier for you to fall sick. Oh well, again, not sure how much it’ll help, but a little bit is better than nothing. I guess that’s the thing about being photographers. You really have to be super “kia-si” and protect yourself, make sure you’re all well and healthy especially when you have photoshoot bookings. It’s like a responsibility/commitment to our couple.


Hopefully the sky will clear up real soon and we’ll have delicious yummy air again. 🙂


Anyway, here are some images of a casual lifestyle photoshoot session which Lester took for Samuel and Koreen in Singapore, when we had beautiful sunlight and clean clear sky. 🙂


Lester Koh - Raymond Phang Photography - Casual Photoshoot - 01

I just love how much Samuel and Koreen are so into each other, and how Lester managed to make them feel so at ease during the photoshoot session. It just feels like they are having so much fun and nobody else was around watching them. But the thing is, this was shot in public, at the Marina Barrage where there’s always people around. Hahaha!


Lester Koh - Raymond Phang Photography - Casual Photoshoot - 02

To see more of Lester’s works, check out Raymond Phang Photography’s Facebook under the album titled New Beginnings – by Lester Koh.


For couples interested in doing a casual lifestyle or engagement photoshoot with Lester, drop him an email to starfish @ to enquire. Other than casual lifestyle or engagement, Lester also do ROM/Solemnisation photography, Actual Day/Wedding Day photography, pre-wedding/bridal photography too. I promise he doesn’t bite, and in fact he’s one damn nice and friendly guy. You’ll love him! 🙂

Cheers! 🙂






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