Everytime I look at the NZ photos, I just wish that the land will stay as pure as it was, especially now with overseas buyers lining up from all countries to buy their farms/land. New Zealand is a country where livelihood is heavily reliant on agriculture. You take that away from them, it’s like taking away their life. We received quite a bit of “special” treatment on our visit to New Zealand this year, and we were so pissed about it! But after a friend shared this piece of news with me, I can understand why. Thing is, in this world, the one with the most zeros in their bank account have the loudest voice. Almost all Singaporeans know of this slogan “no money no talk”.


So what can the rest of the people do?

I hope to visit New Zealand again next year, and I hope the people will be as happy as they were (if not happier).

Anyway, here’s an image Raymond took in New Zealand for Abner and Joui;


Conceptualised Pre-Wed: Raymond Phang

The couple got really, really wet for this shot! It’s like a huge wave crashing on them. The water was sooooo cold, and we had to continue shooting for a bit more after this scene. Special thanks to the uncle who was so kind to lend us a helping hand. Bet he had a lot of fun making the boat fart water at the couple. Hahaha!

Lots of Love,



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