Fuyooooooooh! We managed to clear one set of November wedding! HAHAHAHA! Just 1 set, going on to the second one. Have patience my young padawan.


For couples who are planning for their wedding, here’s something to share;

Raymond Phang Photography



Do you like what you see? Maybe yes because of the cutesy heart shape heads and googley eyes. That’s not the main point. The thing is, do you want your wedding photograph to look like this, especially when you and your partner are doing your walk-in/march-in? No rightttttttt? I know some couples adore the dry ice effect cos it makes everything look misty and romantic. BUT, this is too much. Unless… you are a butt person and you want your walk-in/march-in photographs to have truckloads of other people’s bum bums.


So this was what Raymond shared on our Raymond Phang Photography Facebook Page;

Shout out to all wedding photographers & vendors during this hectic period rushing backlogs at the very last week before CNY break…. Take care of yourselves – both your body and soul! Not too much bak kwa while editing at night please! Hahaha.

On a side note would like to highlight an alarming observation made at a recent wedding which I hope no other hotels or wedding venues will practice. Won’t name the venue but this is really something new to me in my years of career photographing weddings. The poor videographer set up his crane shot but because of the “Ultimate-Tracking-Dry-Ice-Fountain-That-Will-Kill-All-Wedding-PG/VG” we see his bum bum in every shot. VG didn’t have time to relocate his crane as there was no way to halt the march in.

Later when we checked with the couple, we realised that even they themselves were not aware or informed of the “Ultimate-Tracking-Dry-Ice-Fountain-That-Will-Kill-All-Wedding-PG/VG” that will be following them. It’s not the fault of the waiter as I believe he was just doing his job but I’m miserable that the couple will live with someone else’s bum bum in their march in shot forever.


So to all couples, please check with your banquet manager on the arrangement okie? Whether will they be flashing crazy psychedelic lights when you’re marching-in, totally zero light at all so that when you trip and fall nobody will see, or will they throw in bombs of dry ice and have a ninja with a huge canister of dry ice on a dim sum trolley following you wherever you go. *cues music: I will follow you*.

Sometimes when us photographers request not to have all these, the banquet manager will not entertain us (some mean ones, but nice ones will be really accommodating cos they want the best for the couples too since the photographs and video footage is the only thing couple have to reminisce on the memories). It is best for couple or the couple’s main coordinator to inform the banquet manager not to have all these psychedelic lights and dim sum trolley. Not too much dry ice please, cos we do have another shot where the couple was covered in dry ice entirely. I cannot even see their face.
Yup, so please do take note of this ya? Share this around to all friends getting married too so that they won’t have such problems.

Cheers! 😀




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