Hello dearest friends! I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas holiday, and eagerly anticipating the coming new year! All of us at Raymond Phang Photography have been slogging really hard to clear the backlogs of wedding images for our couples, especially Susulini who stayed till past midnight on Christmas eve to finish a batch of editing. Big muacks to her! However for couples who ordered allbums with us, do bear with us as our supplier has advised a much longer waiting time due to the peak wedding season. 🙂
That aside, we have quite a few backlogs of images to share as well! Few months back we did Kenny and Sherry’s actual day wedding, with solemnisation on the same day. It is actually quite tiring to do everything on the same day, but it saves the cost and hassle altogether. The couple had the solemnisation and banquet at Oosh (Dempsey Road) with a freestyle buffet dinner. Personally I really like the cosy venue with indoor and outdoor settings, guests are free to walk around and mingle, no restrictions, and less tensed up as compared to a full course sit down banquet.
K&S3Jul- 0048
Morning make up and preparation was done at the Bride’s place.
K&S3Jul- 0038
K&S3Jul- 0025
The sisters getting ready.

K&S3Jul- 0096

K&S3Jul- 0135
Here comes the groom and his brothers! Looking all enthusiastic and eager to find out what challenges awaits them.
K&S3Jul- 0144
They arrived at the bride’s place to find this suspicious looking paperbag hanging by the main gate.
K&S3Jul- 0149
And some pretty bras sleeping on the floor with colorful balloons. Not bad leh, bra still got double strap pattern pattern ones. Luckily no lacy ones. But they have got the outstanding Barney colored bra. Hahaha!

K&S3Jul- 0152

K&S3Jul- 0160
So the brothers had to inflate the balloons. 2 each!
K&S3Jul- 0178
The sisters all gleeful and happy!
K&S3Jul- 0187
Now we all know guys prefer woman to have a heavy top… even when they claim otherwise… Look at the size of balloon they blew up!! They’re all overspilling from the bra already!!!
K&S3Jul- 0190
Here’s Kenny with a humongous boobie and barney bra peeping into the other red bag.
K&S3Jul- 0200
This kind of question can sometimes be tougher than Phd thesis questions.

K&S3Jul- 0205
I thought this view look quite funny. Hehehe… now we know who’s the slacker!! *points to second brother from right*. :p

K&S3Jul- 0206
Kenny consulting the brothers for an answer…
K&S3Jul- 0214
Cannot tahan already, must bribe the sisters with more ang pow money.
K&S3Jul- 0218
WHAT?? Not sing dollars??
K&S3Jul- 0228
Fine fine… see what will the brothers get if they play this kind of dirty tricks on us again…
K&S3Jul- 0230
This is how Sing dollars look like. I think next time the sisters must do up a chart of currencies they accept such as Sing dollars, Pounds, Euros, Aussie dollars etc. =p
K&S3Jul- 0233
Cannot stand the size of their balloon boobies. Poor bra looked like they’re over “worked”, but here we see one of the brother preparing the “white flag” to surrender.

K&S3Jul- 0239
The best white flag – cheque!

K&S3Jul- 0251

At least now they get to enter through the main gate, and…. take off each other’s bra… Muwahahahaha!

Brothers and sisters can play any games during the gate crashing, from food to intellectual to physical torture. From meaningless to meaningful games. But most of the time the games played during gate crashing are for the pure pleasure of the sisters. Afterall how many times in life do they get the chance to take “revenge” on the groom and his brothers without them retaliating? Only this once man, only this once…  But of course the sisters cannot be overboard and must try to take note of the hygiene issue during the preparation especially when it comes to food handling. We don’t want the groom and the brothers to get tummy ache, puke all over the place, fall sick and stuffs right? Not only will it spoil the morning, it’ll affect the rest of the wedding day.

In the past, the games played during gate crashing are more simple. But nowadays the sisters all very jialat, and super sadistic. Maybe because the value of brides nowadays are appreciating… You know, like inflation, property prices and Gold prices? Last time nobody would have imagined the price of COE can go up to $70K, but today, it did. HDB at Shunfu can go up to a million! So I guess it applies to Brides too! Brides are getting more and more expensive because the ladies nowadays are smarter, prettier, capable, and filled with goodness from Vitamin A to Z! Muwahahahahahaha! Ok that’s a bimbotic comment, but quite true to a certain extend! :p

So the gate crashing games are supposed to be a way for the bride’s knight in shinning armour to “show” how far a distance will the sweetheart go for her. It’s like the answer to “how deep is your love”…. Or “你問我愛你又多深”. Hehehe. The twist and turn of events make gatecrashing seems like an extortion process for the sisters to get more ang pow money. But I’m sure we know the gatecrashing games are all in the name of fun. Maybe the games played nowadays caused people to think that gate crashing are evil and meaningless, aimed only to embarass the groom and brothers. Well, it is your choice to decide whether the gate crashing will be a meaningless or a meaningful one. 🙂

K&S3Jul- 0274
After all the cruelsome games, the groom finally gets the bride!

K&S3Jul- 0280
K&S3Jul- 0296
K&S3Jul- 0300
K&S3Jul- 0370
K&S3Jul- 0455
Oh I like this image!! I thought it felt something like “Lao eh, you look la, look at what your bao bei daughter is doing inside the room!!” Muwahahahahahahaha!!
K&S3Jul- 0578
And I thought this look kinda interesting with everyone’s eyeballs looking up, except for the groom’s.
K&S3Jul- 0613
K&S3Jul- 0642
Sneaking a kiss at every opportunity possible.

K&S3Jul- 0650
Rain or shine, it’s a different feel for Raymond Phang’s signature car shot. 🙂
K&S3Jul- 0665
K&S3Jul- 0688
Tea ceremony from the other perspective.

K&S3Jul-761 edit2 print
Some spare time for a quick casual shoot. Must applaud the brothers for their sacrifice… sinking their spanking new polished shoes into the muddy soil, and violently scrubbing it right after to continue the end of the day.
K&S3Jul- 0792

K&S3Jul- 0795
Touching up at Dempsey.

K&S3Jul- 0800
The table settings.

K&S3Jul- 0815
Mini cupcakes surrounding the the main cake at the top.

K&S3Jul- 0856
The couple marching in for their ROM.

K&S3Jul- 0857
The solemniser/JP for their wedding Mr Tan Yan Boon.
K&S3Jul- 0863
K&S3Jul- 0871
K&S3Jul- 0884

K&S3Jul- 0890
The vows exchange. It is very meaningful when couple customise their own wedding vows – something that they will remember for life, will live by, and will hold close to their hearts. 🙂

K&S3Jul- 0897
The solemnisation ceremony usually take about 10-15 minutes. Such a short period of time, but this short period of time is an important committment made that will last you a lifetime. Not simple, and it’s not just a ceremony. 🙂

K&S3Jul- 0918
K&S3Jul- 0949
The couple has this very interesting guestbook. It’s actually a piece of mirror where the guests write their well wishes.

K&S3Jul- 0955
I love the walkway!
K&S3Jul- 0956
Love the textured wall!!

K&S3Jul- 0960

K&S3Jul- 0971
And the bricks, decor, the feel of the place.
K&S3Jul- 1008
K&S3Jul- 1016
The view from outdoor. Really pretty isn’t it!
K&S3Jul- 1019
K&S3Jul- 1030
The emcees inviting guests to gather around for the couple’s first march in.
K&S3Jul- 1034
K&S3Jul- 1052
K&S3Jul- 1062
A real wedding cake is the best! The couple had a 7″ cake at the top tier of the wedding cake, surrounded by about 200 over cupcakes.
K&S3Jul- 1082
They had 3 LCD TVs and 2 projector screens set up all around the lounge and restaurant area so that the guests can also view the ceremonyfrom the different corners. 🙂

K&S3Jul- 1086
K&S3Jul- 1087
K&S3Jul- 1103
K&S3Jul- 1111
K&S3Jul- 1118
Alcohol seems to be the life of most parties (except children’s birthday parties?) and I haven’t seen a wedding without any alcohol, it will be cool to witness one! (:
K&S3Jul- 1135
K&S3Jul- 1170
Bride preparing for the second change.
K&S3Jul- 1218
More mingling~ It’s better this way when you personally know most of the guests. 🙂

K&S3Jul- 1279
K&S3Jul- 1194
K&S3Jul- 1200
Some time for a quick couple shot to end the entry. 🙂

Lots of ♥,

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