Newborn Photography by Raymond Phang
Say Hi to the sweet smiley bb Zann who is smiling in dreamland after having some milk milk. (:




Very recently this month we did a newborn photoshoot for a one day old baby right in the hospital ward (not BB Zann as featured in the photo above). We were lucky to even had the chance to photograph many of that couple’s firsts! Like their first time changing the BB’s soiled diapers, first time experiencing BB’s cries and wondering what is wrong with BB, changing clothes for BB for the photoshoot, carrying BB etc etc. It’s definitely not easy shooting newborn, and when they don’t understand lame cold jokes like the adults do, it’s hard to make them laugh or even smile for a photo. But when you manage to catch a photo of them smiling… it’s precious… and priceless. (:



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