Don’t mind the strange entry titles.
I have a normal tendency to title my entries with the title of the song that is
currently playing on my iTunes.
Its Susu here and I’ve managed to tie Angeline and Raymond up
and lock them in the storeroom
so that I can take control of this Blog.
I’ll make use of the Blog to gain fans and loyal followers,


don’t mind me I’m a rather random and crazy person.
Being sane is too boring for me.

Much to my amusement I think that alot of people are starting to believe
that my real name is Susu or Susulini (it sounds so Italian. -.- )
So just to clarify, its actually Sulin.
Its an english name, not chinese.
Susu is a nickname I’ve gotten since primary school
and then since recently (horrifyingly actually) resurrected by Angeline
before she decided that no, she likes words with more syllables and
christened me Susulini.

And Voila!
Thats how Susulini came about. :/

So its now the start of a new year.
Another one more month and it’ll be chinese new year for us.
Have you guys started preparing?
Getting red packet paper..snacks..pussy willows..
Heck have you started new year clothes shopping? 😀
I know I haven’t.
Instead rather what I’ve started(or rather resumed)
is my cycling regime with my close friend.
We cycle every sunday and we just started last week.
We nearly died cycling back to Pasir Ris from East Coast because
we were so out of whack with cycling.
Which reminds me I still need to hunt for Hermit crabs for Raymond.
His dish of hermit crabs is already full of crabs but he still wants more.
He wants to turn it into some crab slum or something I think.
Oh yes back to the cycling.
We cycled from Pasir Ris to Changi and then towards East Coast,
before taking the park connectors back towards bedok and then to Pasir Ris.
Oh did I mention?
The park connectors from Bedok to East Coast is F*cked Up.
Especially the last underpass to East Coast.
Why they decide to throw a flight of stairs there instead of a ramp really boggles my mind.
Its as if the powers that be decided that it would be funny
to watch a bunch of cyclists go bumpity bump down the steps
because its located in a blind corner.

So yes, I now have a rather sore butt and aching legs from crazy cycling.
But yes! The sense of satisfaction is so much sweeter!
Weight Loss here I come!
(Weight Loss is like a taboo word here in the studio. Weight Gain is rather; the most encouraged thing)
Its quite hilarious actually because since the day I joined the studio I’ve gained
3kilos in total and probably gaining more bit by bit.
We eat sinful food, we don’t exercise and we park our asses on the
comfy oh so soft chair to edit photos,only to get up a few hours later for our next meal.

Awesome Life isn’t it? 😛

I’m abit sad actually.
I had photos to show but it seems that I must have deleted the folder
by accident without checking if I backed them up.
*smacks self*
I had some really cute photos of Baileys peeking out from under the
He always makes a beeline to hide under the couch whenever
he knows we’re going out because he’s emo about being left alone at home.
So I decided that I had to take a photo of that because its absolutely adorable.
So there I was spread eagled on  the floor with my camera
while Angeline pretends to close the door.
The moment the door latch clicked into its chamber
Baileys poked his head out from under the couch and scrabbled out gleefully.
Only to backtrack back under the couch again when he realised that he’s been fooled.
I really really hope I didn’t delete it by accident. 🙁
At the very most I just take more photos again of Baileys peeking from under the couch.
Which brings to mind this:
I always contemplated the idea of making a facebook page for Baileys.
I think it would be hilarious in a way.
To have friends adding Baileys on Facebook and checking his status updates complete with photos.
Should I make a Fb page for Baileys? :3

Let me know what you guys think!
Maybe with Angeline’s and Raymond’s approval we can make a Fb page for Baileys!
Look out for my next entry yeah?
I promise you it’ll be filled with images of Baileys and maybe Pets that I had fun shooting 😀

Something random for you to wonder:
Have you ever wondered if the bills in your wallet were ever in a stripper’s buttcrack?
If you haven’t, well you’re wondering now.

Till my next post!
Susulini the Great.