Hello everybody!!
All of us at Raymond Phang Photography have been super duper busy for the month of January and it will be the same for the coming months too! Pre-wedding shoots, actual day shoots, and most importantly clearing of backlogs from previous batches of weddings. You might not see us blogging as frequently, or maybe spot a few daddy long legs building cob webs at some corners of our blog. Despite that, we will be sharing some images every now and then, but the updates will usually appear on our Raymond Phang Photography Facebook first, so feel free to join our Page at http://www.facebook.com/raymondphangphotography for updates. 🙂
Nonetheless here’s an image from one of our January pre-wedding shoot to share. As how Jeanne has described Raymond Phang Photography, here’s one image for our exciting and adventurous couple Irvin & Carrie! We had to ask the train master for the train timing for this shot, and apparently the train timing given isn’t as accurate as the actual timing. But luckily all was smooth sailing during the shoot (except for the rain and rain and rain and rain), and we had Kenneth joining us for the shoot. He has been a super great help to us! Really! We’ll share more on that when we are done with the editing for the pre-wedding images. 🙂


That aside, we will be sharing some images from Kok Keong and Charmaine’s actual day wedding in the late afternoon, so stay tuned ya! Ciao!  😉
Lots of  ♥

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