RaymondPhang Hire Ad 2013


Raymond Phang Photography is currently on the lookout to kidnap a full time sniper shooter/photographer to join the team.

Target Profile;

– Extremely passionate about Life/Living and Photography
– Photo editing skills with knowledge on Photoshop/Lightroom software
– Have a clear sense of direction in life
– Values Family life & human relationship
– Responsible, dedicated, committed, hardworking
– Interesting, independent, spontaneous with a great sense of humor
– Able to slog and slave for long hours
– Workaholic & alcoholic & chocoholic & foodieholic
– Enjoys cultural stuffs like art, dance & music a lot a lot a lot a lot
– Preferably a beefcake with huge mussels to do weight lifting with the lighting equipment on photoshoot days
– Have a vital statistics of 80 – 88 – 80
– The list goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on

The point is, we can list a thousand criteria for our target profile just like how we list our criteria when we look for a husband/wife (i.e. must have big HIPS so can give birth to many babies, must be tall & muscular, have thick eyebrows and big round eyes and high nose bridge, earn a million bucks etc) but I guess it’s also a little bit like falling in love. When you meet the right one, everything just feels right.

So, if you’re keen to join us as a shooter, send us your love letters to contactme @ raymondphang.com, woo us with some of your photography works and we’ll respond accordingly. Teeheehee.

Cheers! (:

Raymond Phang Photography

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