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Release Date: 30 August 2011

Local photographer into finals of major Photo Awards

Singapore based photographer, Raymond Phang has won 10 merit prizes in a major international photography awards.
Raymond Phang’s image is now in the finals of the forthcoming Master Photographer of the Year Awards 2011. The Awards are run by The Master Photographers Association (MPA), the UK’s most respected organisation for professional photographers.
Raymond Phang now goes forward to the final judging and faces a nervous few weeks while he waits until the Awards Ceremony in October when the overall winners will be announced. The Master Photography Awards 2011 presentations ceremony will be held at the Gateshead Hilton in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne on Sunday 9 October.

MPA Chief executive, Colin Buck made this comment on Raymond Phang’s achievement: “It is exciting to reach the Merit award stage of judging as Raymond Phang was in competition with the very best photographers in the world. There were over 2,500 images submitted this year so to be awarded a Merit prize is a real success, well done to Raymond Phang, and good luck in the final!”

For further information on Raymond Phang’s photography, visit his blogsite at https://raymondphang.com/blog or facebook at http://www.facebook.com/raymondphangphotography. To find out more about the MPA go to www.thempa.com


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We actually got news of the Merit achievement (score of 80 points and above) in August, but was too caught up with photoshoots and editing to share it with you guys.  The 10 merits goes to categories such as the Overseas Classical Wedding, Overseas Contemporary Wedding, Open Licentiate, Landscape & Travel, David Facey Award (most original image), and the Dennis Hylander Wedding Award, and they all made it to the final round of judging which will be taking place in October. 🙂



We also recently gotten news that we have achieved 10th, 12th and 13th place for the AG | WPJA Q2 2011 contest with the following images;

Judges Comment: I really like the lighting and color in this image. It’s bizarre enough to be interesting. It’s technically strong enough to be attractive. It’s composition is inviting. All in all, it’s a fun portrait with a lot of photographic and informational strengths.

Image & comment source: http://www.agwpja.com/photography-contests/44-raymond-phang/05-portrait-of-the-bridal-party/10th.html


Judges Comment: What an ironic contrast. Those lovely warm pink pastels are offset by the bride’s threatening posture – her bow at the ready – as punishment seems to draw near. And then, add to this crazy mix the lighting and filtering used to make the image.  It’s harsh enough to create hard shadows on those soft curtains but soft enough to subdue some of the details. Overall, it’s an interesting image that makes us want to know more.

Image & Comment source: http://www.agwpja.com/photography-contests/44-raymond-phang/05-portrait-of-the-bridal-party/12th.html


Judges Comment: The HDR style of this image was a great choice for the industrial props and backdrop. What’s not to like about an image that is beautifully lit and visually rich in tone, color and detail?

Image & Comment source: http://www.agwpja.com/photography-contests/44-raymond-phang/05-portrait-of-the-bridal-party/13th.html



2nd, 6th and 10th place in the WPJA Q2 2011 contest with the following images;

Judges Comment: This images goes beyond use of technique for its own sake. There is real content and a connection with the people at the center of this event.

Image & Comment source: http://www.wpja.com/contests/50-raymond-phang/05-silhouettes-and-shadows/2nd.html


Judges Comment: A very odd setup (not to mention the rather unusual jacket the groom is wearing). The parking lot is a striking and stimulating contrast to the bride’s formal gown, as are the outfits of the others in the photo, but everyone seems to be enjoying their participation in the picture, which in turn invites us to smile along with them.

Image & Comment source: http://www.wpja.com/contests/50-raymond-phang/08-portrait-of-the-bridal-party/6th.html


Image Source: http://www.wpja.com/contests/50-raymond-phang/08-portrait-of-the-bridal-party/10th.html



And finally 2nd and 3rd place in the Seeing The Light photo contest.

Second Place in the available light category.

Image Source:  http://seeingthelightcontest.com/gallery/gallery_winners_2011.shtml


Third Place in the Small Flash Category.

Image source: http://seeingthelightcontest.com/gallery/gallery_winners_2011.shtml




All these achievement doesn’t come with monetary gain, but the achievement far outweigh any monetary benefits. Cos it’s more of a personal motivation for the team at Raymond Phang Photography, a pat on the back for the effort and a job well done. A big thank you to all our couples, friends and family for believing in us. 🙂


Now, who is interested in doing a shoot in Las Vegas next year February?? Email us at contactme@raymondphang.com nowwwwwwww! 😀



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