Okie, I’m typing this for the third time. The words miraculously disappears after typing certain stuff about my boss who is currently away in China. Did he cast some sort of magic spell over the blog before he left for China?? A smarter way is to type all the words in MS Words, save periodically, and then paste it here. Sometimes we just have to learn from the hard way. -_-”

I was saying Raymond is currently away in China, but before he left, he barred me from doing any “When the Boss is Away” promo where I used to dish out saliva drooling promos for his actual day photography package. Heh heh heh. BUT you know, when the boss is away, you get sort of overwhelmed with work and your brain gets fried. So you really need to do something to de-stress. Sigh.

Has anyone tried Hellema’s Fourre Choco biscuit?? I think it’s quite yummy, and I’m munching it for my lunch now. Ok, side tracked.

Soooooo… I thought of doing a Spot the Difference promo!!! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I had a hard time trying to pick the image for this game, but finally managed to settle for one with a certain level of difficulty for its complexity. :p

This image of Colin and Emily sipping a mug of hot chocolate under the stars in the Southern Island of New Zealand seemed most appropriate. Teeheehee… Since I’m munching on chocolate biscuits too…

Here’s quoting what Raymond shared 4 freaking years ago on our Facebook Page when Raymond Phang Photography took their first ever month long holiday, in New Zealand and explored the Star Trail photography for wedding couples. Gosh, time really flies!!!;

Contrary to the belief that the lunatics at Raymond Phang Photography are dummies to Romance, we present you with our latest pre-wedding work from New Zealand – TADAH!


Kudos to Colin and Emily the awesome for braving the wind so strong it can almost carry us away, and the teeth gritting cold that instantaneously transformed us all with chicken skin!


Getting this shot of the couple – sitting in the SUV holding hot steamy coffee mug in their hands, with the tent and a mini campfire isn’t all just me. I am extremely proud of my team that made it all possible – Angeline for making sure everyone is comfortable, art directing (nit picking so that the final image comes out as envisioned), holding lights and getting her hands all extremely icky preparing the Vaseline for the campfire. Not to mention Susu our talented awesome Digital imaging artist, who helped picked the dry wood and got a splinter on her finger as a result, hold lights, run around chasing tents that flew away in the strong wind and working her ass off back in the studio to put the final image together.

Colin was our “guest assistant” helping us to set up the tent and mini campfire, holding our “secret weapon” together with Susu in the wind (extreme arm muscle training!) to shoot the car panel so that it looks just right, both risking their eyes being blinded by the flash gun that Angeline was holding in the process. Colin didn’t have to do anything originally, but for the sake of protecting his princess Emily from suffering in the cold, he sacrificed. *bite lips with a distant look – everyone please say awwwww*

Without this awesome team I would not have gotten away with this image. I am truly blessed. This single image alone took a total of 4.5 hours from the beginning (setting up the scene) to the end (packing up in the wilderness) and when the camera was in the midst of capturing the startrails, I could clearly see Angeline and Susu dozing off in the car and that really pains me. We worked hard and played hard, and we hope this image is well worth our efforts.

P.S/ Thank you TERENCE for bring us dinner in the middle of the night while we were strainded in wilderness waiting for the shot to be completed. Love the Hell Pizza!


We have this print enlarged and it’s now hanging on our wall. Everytime we see it, it’ll reminds us of the happy times, our first month long holiday in New Zealand, our first time shooting Star Trails for wedding couples, our first time travelling with friends experiencing the thrills and danger of having our cars skid on the road while doing a sharp bend turn in the middle of the night, and Raymond’s three time proposal to Angeline etc. Muwahahahahahahahaha!

Okie here’s the deal, we are giving away three One Hour Casual Photoshoot sessions to three lucky couples! Take a look at the image below, the left image being the Original (Before) and the right image being the Edited (After). Use a red color ink to circle the Five differences and email your answers to us at contactme AT raymondphang DOT com, with the subject header “Spot the Difference with Raymond Phang Photography”.

First three correct entries win! Easy peasy! 😀

Have fun!! 😀
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