Aloha lovely peeps! 😀

We have created a new album on our Facebook page call “The Little Book Of I ♥ Candies! by Raymond Phang Photography“.

It’s a collection of snippets captured by our “fly on the wall” of the many interesting expressions captured at its most natural and raw form. Totally unstaged and as real as they can get; from that seductive look the groom gave to his bride when he thought no one was watching, to grandma Siew Siew hiding at a corner secretly putting on some lipstick and admiring herself in the mirror before the start of the tea ceremony, daddy given a smack on his face by his kiddo, and Uncle Harry picking his nose nonchalantly…

Some of the description for the photos are totally interpreted and thought out by us, and might not be the actual story of what happened. But that’s one of the beauty of photography – leaves you room for imagination. (:

Hope you guys enjoy this eye candy album of candids!

Dear gorgeous brides + handsome groom, and wonderful brothers+sisters, please feel free to tag yourselves in the album ya? (:

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Raymond Phang Photography - 01

Dad: Dear, today you very pretty so later after the wedding dinner can I order KFC delivery and then ask Ah Meng, Ah Goon and Lao Bao to come over and watch soccer? Man U vs Liverpool tonight, cannot miss man!
*Kiddo caress dad’s face*
Kiddo: Daaaaaaaddy, today you very handsome so can I have a big packet of French Fries and a fish burger later when we go back home? Also I want to watch cartoon …please and then tomorrow can we go to Toys’R’Us to buy some toys please?
*Kiddo continues caressing dad’s face*



Also if you are keen to join Raymond Phang Photography as a full time Phothorgrapher, send us an email too! We don’t bite! Prolly bark sometimes… but bite, not really. HAHAHAHAHA!

For couples who are keen to do a shoot with us in New Zealand next year in April, drop us an email too!

Cheers! 🙂


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