After about one month of absence, Raymond Phang Photography is finally back in Singapore! Phew!!

Last year we were at South Island New Zealand, so this time round we decided to explore the North Island of New Zealand. It’s actually our third consecutive year visiting New Zealand. The pace of life there is somewhat still the same, but difference is we could see more tourists visiting the country, especially visitors from China and Korea.

Perhaps it’s due to our very hectic lifestyle here in Singapore, we very much appreciated the slow pace everyday life in New Zealand. Most activities ended by bout 4.30pm/5pm, and this time round the sky fall happened real quickly, like bout 6pm the sky became quite dark already. So we were forced to either rush through our day doing whatever we needed to do outdoors and drive few hundred kilometres to our next destination, or spend our early evening staying in our motel cooking/washing/watching TV.

One of our favourite activity was to go shopping at Countdown or Pak N Save! Hahaha! It’s quite therapeutic to just stroll around the aisles, looking at random products. Everytime we approaches the confectionery section, Angeline the chocolate/sweets/cakes/dessert monster will go crazy. Cos their chocolates are so darn affordable!!! I remember the last year I bought truckloads of big blocks of chocolates cos each block was like only $2.50 or $3, whereas in Singapore it cost at least $5 a block. Hahaha.

Between the North and South Island, personally I’d very much prefer the South. But of course North island has its own unique flavour too… I’ve already bookmarked some of the towns in North Island for my next visit. Teeheehee.

Hopefully we’ll travel again next year in Autumn. So any couples interested to tag along, please plan early and let us know okie? 🙂

We’ll try to share some pics from our New Zealand travel when we have the time. 🙂

For now… here are some of our conceptualised pre-wedding and bridal pre-wedding photos to share if you haven’t visited our Facebook;


Raymond Phang Conceptualised Pre-Wedding 2

Conceptualised pre-wedding photoshoot for Zijun and Xinhui on a “grow old with you” concept.
Most brides would shun this idea cos instead of looking all radiant and youthful, they were made to look much much older.
We wanted this series to look realistic, hence instead of shading and drawing lines on the skin which will lose the dimensional effect, we had the couple engage a special effect make… up artist to help them achieve the look. It means having layers of artificial chemicals glued on to their skin to get that wrinkly skin with some freckles and spots. Imagine the stinky smell of the glue and them having to sit through hours for this.
Hence kudos to Zijun and Xinhui for being so game on and patient!!!
Also for most post processing request, we’re usually asked to lighten the wrinkles, lines and all, but this was really different. (:

Raymond Phang Conceptualised Pre-Wedding

Bridal pre-wedding photoshoot for Eugene and Adeline in Oceanarium Singapore [Resorts World Sentosa].


Here’s some sneak peek on our New Zealand 2013 travel from Angeline’s camera!


Raymond Phang Photography in New Zealand 3

We came across this Strawberry farm and Lester was happily squatting down busy taking photos of some strawberries. Raymond, Susu and Angeline decided to do something crazy and stupid [what’s new… HAHAHAHAHA!] and so Susu showed the camera how a mega huge strawberry looks like while innocently pretending to peek over to see what Lester was shooting. HAHAHAHAHA! Love this strawberry! Not yet ripe hence the pale color. :p


Raymond Phang Photography in New Zealand 2

And here’s a group photo of the monkeys after the Strawberry saga. :p



Raymond Phang Photography in New Zealand 1

For this trip we had the adventurous Cowan and Pamela joining us in the fun! Had truckloads of fun and laughter together!! Will share more on the photos next time! 🙂



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