So Raymond is away for his annual high key reservist… Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh… He won’t be back till third week of November…

When the boss is away… the mice are out to play!

When the boss is away 2013 - 1

Please pardon the extremely lousy photoshop work done with the army uniform on Raymond, cos it was done in a spur of moment by a no skill person not trained in photoshop!


Oh by the way that’s Ben the troll behind Raymond in the photo. Hehe.


Promo - 03

So when the boss is away… ANGELINE GETS TO BE THE BOSS AGAIN!!


Promo - 07

Susu can do facial and chin tuck in the office with lots of cling wrap, of course under adult supervision. T’was fun!! We should play with bubble wrap next time. Hehe.


Promo - 05

So when the Boss is around, he’ll make sure we drink enough water, switch on the lights while doing work so that it doesn’t affect our eyesight and all… But since the Boss is away, I realized that I haven’t been drinking as much water and I’m slacking on all the take-care-of-self aspect! Weeeee~


Promo - 09

Susu also started to grow some balls… shooting a mini shoot and ROM in the rain, getting herself all wet, and then sick the next day until she even puked on herself in the train when she was on the way back. Tsk! See lah, don’t want to wear poncho!


Promo - 11

Why did the chicken cross the road? Cos Susu chased them all!


Promo - 13

I was happy being the boss and enjoying my Boss time when the Boss sent a message checking up on work progress……….. -____-”


Promo - 15

“So how now brown cow?” I asked Susu….


Promo - 17

Susu says LET’S DO THIS! So we’re offering a very rare 25% OFF RAYMOND’S ACTUAL DAY PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICE AGAIN!!! Last time we did it was last year when Raymond was again, away for Reservist. MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Sigh… Last year when he’s out from Reservist, he actually said I’m crazy to giveaway too good a promo… This year, I’m doing it again secretly without his knowledge!!! Bet he’ll see this sooner or later, or hear words from his army friend about this promo… OH WELL! Once posted, cannot take down, right? MUWAHAHAHAHA!

I guess this will be the last year for this promo already. Else it’s gonna be like cry wolf. Hmmm…. Anyways, terms and conditions as below;

– Only valid for new signups.

– Only valid for signups by 10 November 2013 before Raymond returns from his Reservist!!
*Sorry, strictly cannot make any exception*
– Not valid with any other promotion.

– Couples will only get to meet Raymond on the wedding day itself.

*Terms and enquiries please email to ANGELINE directly at amazing[@]

P.S/ Don’t address me as Raymond in the email, otherwise I will be very upset and instead of 25%, give you 5% off only! 😛



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