WATAH!! Happy month of March to everyone! A while ago we were still busy eating the lovely CNY mini cupcakes given to us by one of our couple, and busy taking group photos of ourselves. Now, we are living in the month of March already!
Come another 24/5 more days Raymond Phang Photography will be away in New Zealand + Prague, and we will only return on 24 April 2011. Couples who would like to meet us before we fly on 27 March 2011 for discussion, view our works and albums, do feel free to send us an email at contactme@raymondphang.com, or give us a call at 81383397! 🙂

Just a quick update as well, we received an email from WPPI today with the news that out of the 10 prints Raymond Phang has submitted for the WPPI 2011 Award of Excellence 16″ x 20″ Print competition, 7 of the prints were awarded with the Accolade of Excellence, with a score of 80 points and above!

This is actually our virgin attempt and we had no prior experience with international Physical print competition where stringent requirement is placed not only on the photography work, idea/concept, technicality, but also on the physical print such as the print quality, colors accuracy and details, including the matt board and physical quality too. It was a lot of effort put in to source for the best matt board, print the images with the best certified fine art printer, work on the images and learn from fellow peers on the details to look out for in terms of the image processing. It’s really different from all other competition where you can just submit the digital softcopy for the competition.

Nonetheless we are happy that our hard work was paid off and we are really grateful to all who have helped us achieve what we have today. This competition has really opened our eyes, and from this experience, we are becoming even more of a demanding person than we already are, especially on the work we produce. I hope that’s a good thing though!

Art is really subjective, and to every single one of you who have always given us the constant encouragement and have always believed in our work, thank you very much! We put our love in the images that we capture and create, and we’re very happy to know that you like them as much as we do. A super big thank you to our couples and fellow peers who made this happen, we lurb you guys deep deep! 🙂
The following are the 10 images submitted for the Print competition. Enjoy! 🙂












The scores for the individual images are actually posted on our Facebook Album, under the  Milestones and Achievements. Do take a look if you’re curious to find out. Enjoy the Thursday! Cheers! 🙂
Lots of ♥,
– Angeline 

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